Friday, July 2, 2010

USA vs Algeria

Well the time has come and today’s battle is in our backyard. The march to the stadium is only 10min and one to be remembered today. We wake up early for yet another lovely breakfast, then off to get ready. I choose the Captain America theme for today’s war paint. (it’s also the choice of Bret’s for the 98/06 World Cups)

Anyways, German heads down to the stadium early to try and off load some extra tickets he has as we get all dolled up. It’s Brett’s 10th anniversary so he makes a sign “Happy Anniversary Jen” in red/white/blue, as Corey, Curtis and I finalize our war paint.

We start our march from the guesthouse and head to Hatfield Square for a quick bucket of beers and some friendly chants w/ US supporters and a few Algerian’s.

The town seems to be packed with Algerian Fans! They have invaded our turf overnight! It’s depressing but we won’t let it get us down. Hatfield Square is half full and the majority of the crowd is supporting the USA so it’s exciting. We grab a few beers and participate in some cheers then it’s off to the stadium. Back in the streets the Algerian’s still our number us, and the walk takes longer than usual as many of the fans want to stop and have a photo with the American Fans all painted up for the game. Once we reach the first security check point outside the stadium we decide it’s no time like any other to burst into song as we get other USA Supporters to join us in “God bless America” This was chilling and made the next 1000 feet to the stadium that much better!

We enter the Loftus Stadium and find where all the USA Fans were! The place was packed with RED! WHITE! And BLUE! The stars and stripes waves proudly overheads of fans as we joined into the cheering!!! This is the 3rd game for the US and a very anticipated one for we have a chance to move to the next round. The game was AMAZING! and the game winning goal will most likely go down in history as one of the best goals EVER!! At least for the USA, we cheered and cheered and the cheering didn’t stop at the final whistle. The US fans stayed and cheered for about 45min after the match. We did so too. German, Monty (a US supporter from Philly I think) and Myself decided to show are appreciation with a victory lap around the field. There was new excitement in the air after the match, not only did the USA win the game they also won the group!!! USA 1st, England 2nd!! Let the party begin! We were all forced from the stadium however the cheers continued in the streets. We participated from a distance as Curtis decided to jump into the crowd for about 20min. The game has been over for about an hour and a half so we think it’s time to leave the stadium grounds and walk. Everyone besides Curtis and I decides to head to Eastwood’s for some post game cheer and the next game where we find it best to crab some take away food and watch the next game from the comfort of the couch in the guest lodge.

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