Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thursday June 17th.
We wake up early and decide to head to Jo-Burg and try our luck at getting tickets to the Argentina VS Korea Game
Soccer City, Johannesburg South Africa.
We drive the hour plus drive to Jo-Burg and try to follow the signs to the stadium. FIFA has done a wonderful job with the signage to the stadiums and we've found them to be pretty accurate however not so much when it comes to the park and rides :( as soon as you exit the hwy it's a 50-50 chance you may not see a sign for the park and ride this is frustrating when you are in a convoy w/ other American guys who all think they know where it is.
Anyways, we settle on parking at Casino parking lot and jump on a bus to the game. (we found out that if you don't have tickets to the game you can not park at the FIFA park and rides.) LAME
We jump into a mini van w/ 5 Argentina fans and head to the stadium to try and get tickets. Once we arrive 3 guys in the group score tickets from an older gentleman then 2 more from a Canadian man decked out in Argentina Gear lastly Corey and myself hit the jackpot with 2-tickets at the bargain price of 1000 R which is like $65usd each. WOW we are all 7 going to the game. We head in with smiles from ear to ear. Bret and German are in the upper deck at mid field and Ryan, Clint and Curtis are behind the players bench and Corey and I find ourselves smack dab in the middle of the Argentina Fans Section on the corner about 15 rows from the field. THIS IS GREAT!!! So great i text Bret and German and they decide to join us at halftime.

There is a little thing you need to be warned about a supporters section before you join them just in case...There are many “No Smoking” signs in the stadium, but that means nothing in this section. The Argentines don’t sit, so prepare to stand the entire match, and your exact seat locations are also a meaningless thing so it makes it easy for the guys to join us. OH and do you best to cheer on the boys in Blue and White.

Here's how it goes (i think)

It starts“Vamos, vamos, Argentina. Vamos, Vamos, a ganar.” (You sing this while waving your hand high in a circular motion)

“Se mueva para aca, se mueve para alla.” (And we move over here, and we move over there)…And we hop a few places to the right, then back to the left.

“Es un sentimiento, no puedo parar!” (It’s a feeling, I cannot contain)…singing non-stop waiving anything you have in a circular motion high up.

Good thing German is there to help me translate because i soon find out i speak Mexican Not Spanish :)

Here is a picture of German and Myself at halftime.

This was SOOOOOoooooo Much fun and it last 90 min Plus!

After the match we head out of the stadium to catch the bus back to our cars. They have set up a line where the buses dropped you off but they corral you into a fenced area and everyone looks like they cattle moving slowly as the buses and mini buses load up and head back to the parking lots. This part takes over an hour and the VuVuZellas make it oh so enjoyable. Mann I hate those things!

We finally get back to our cars and head back to the guest house in Pretoria. Oh what a day!

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