Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 1

We awake with new found energy after a 12hr nap :) i feel the jet lag is gone, and we are excited for our friends arrivals and today's matches. The B&B is AMAZING thank you "Uncle Bret" if anyone ever ventures to South Africa please check out this place "About Guest House" in Brooklyn Pretoria it's great!
After breakfast Curtis, Corey and I head to the mall to collect our tickets for the upcoming games and explore. We get our tickets USA v ENG / USA v SVN / USA v ALG and what's this???? 2 tickets to the finals on the 11th? WOW they made a mistake right? well no I guess i did.
Here's the story... back on Feb 15, 2009 at 2am when the lottery for tickets opened i placed my bid for 2 tickets to follow the USA through the world cup well it being early in the morning and me not being completely awake i chose to follow the USA and group C unconditionally!! this means Corey and I now have tickets to 7 matches in this world cup including the finals no matter who wins our group or plays in the finals :) :) :) :)
We are now two large children in a a candy store! We have to decide soon what to do about this but plan on making our decision after the England match.
We head back to the hotel to greet Bret, German, Clint and Ryan. Our group is now complete lucky #7! Bret, Corey, Curtis and Myself are all friends for more than 15yrs from Grand junction .Co. German and Clint are soccer buddies from Denver and Ryan is a good friend of Brett's
The 7 Americans here to support the USA and the game of soccer!
Game 1 the host country South Africa plays Mexico our biggest rival in the game of soccer! LET'S GO BAFANA! BAFANA (that's what they call South Africa)
We head to the fan fair near our guest house to catch the games. In a packed square full of restaurants and bars and a huge stadium sized screen we watch the games.
South Africa draws with Mexico 1-1 this is a huge result for the host county and makes the vibe here that much better. People sing and dance with no reservations!
France v Uruguay played next and also tied 0-0.
The rest of the evening was full of beers and cheers as we mingled with those around us celebrating the arrival of the world cup.
We head home around 1am to get some rest for the long awaited match up of USA v England the next day!!! Chants of USA USA USA put us to sleep.

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