Monday, June 14, 2010

USA v England

The day has come and we awake with stories and predictions from dreams of what today's results will be...
"It will be 1-0 USA" says Clint
"No, it will be 2-1 USA w/ the last goal scored in OT" Says German
"It will either be a 1-1 draw or 0-0 draw" i say
anyways, we sort out our transportation needs and await the night game.
AS we all suit up for the match we make the necessary preparations:
US Jersey-Check, US scarf-Check, Face paint-Check (this will be applied closer to game time due to the long bus ride), I take the colored hair spray and proceed to make my hair red/white/and blue. We're ready let's go!
230pm we rush to get to the towns city hall where we are to meet our bus to Rustenburg witch we are told will be an hour and half maybe two hour drive and the bus departs at 3pm.
245pm we arrive and pay for or tickets and are told the bus will now depart at 330pm. "UGHHH" so we have a few minuets to kill we look for a shop to grab some snacks and drinks.
We all grab an assortment of quality snacks and drinks. (chips/fruit/cookies/crackers/water and soda)
We return to the bus and board and we all get excited as we begin to share stories about previous World Cup experiences together.
345pm the transportation director boards the bus and says "sorry, this bus will now be leaving at 430pm just in case some is late" A roar erupts from the 40 people on the bus NOOooooo!
he insures us we will be there in two hours and there is nothing to worry about! We all soon realize our delay is to save him money because there was to be 2 buses making this trip and he can now cancel his 430 bus due to the low number of attendance. ANYWAYS 415pm we have convinced the driver to go and we hit the open road. Two hours and we'll be there ready to get our war paint on and cheer on the yanks!
Well due to poor planning and other unforeseen details of exactly how popular the world cup is there is TRAFFIC! Yes only one road in/out of the small town that host today's game. :( The only positive thing to the traffic if there was one is the men were able to get off the bus and relieve their bladder pressure on the side of the road w/ out pulling over.
So just a short 3hr into our trip the sun has gone down and we all begin to get anxious that we may not make it on time. We catch a glimpse of the stadium from the bus window and are relieved...sort of. It's 715pm and there is 45min till kick off and we are still in traffic! We start to ponder the distance of where we are from the stadium and if walking will get us there in time...15min pass and we are closer but still so far away and we've come to a spot where traffic cops are re-directing everyone...UMMM well this bus isn't having any of this re-directing nonsense and begin to vocalize our option to the drive on no matter what the cops say. GO GO GO GO GO!! he complies as we all cheer and with little hassle we proceed down the road no one else was allowed to and we are now headed in the right direction. It goes to prove the old saying "as long as you look like you know and are confident in where you are going those in power will believe you do" well we get about a half mile from the stadium and the traffic is backed up again we all have had enough and decide to walk and take our chances of not finding the bus after the game is less important than missing the kick off.
Excitedly we all walk with a quickness in our steps to the gate. There is a large number of English fans and we soon notice that many of the locals are dressed w/ English Jerseys and flags, we attribute this to them only following the EPL. Who cares the US supporters are many and high fives and chants USA USA fill the air as we walk to our seats. 805pm we enter the stadium and we discuss the need for libations. 30 $ rand for a Budweiser hummm ok, but the line is long, is it worth missing the kick off for a beer? well we each grab two and make it to our seats for kick off.
Corey and I are in row 6 behind a group of about 8 USA supporters making 10 USA fans in a section full of English fans. The game begins and we are soon instructed to have a seat. WHAT? SIT DOWN? ummmm NO THANKS! this pisses off the English fans but their goal 6min into the match keeps them happy. OH well we represent well and continue to stand. The stadium is not to the standards of High School Football stadium. The track around the field make your row 6 seats feel like row 30 and the scoreboard and big screens aren't working. This Sucks! but whatever we'll make due! The rest of our group is in the section above us witch proved after the match to be full of USA fans.
Still in the 1st half and since there is no clock I'm not sure of the exact time but we score!!!! it's tied 1-1 and the stands erupt!!! USA USA USA! We hold on for the draw which is great the US fans take as a huge victory as the English take as a huge defeat. Corey and I rejoin with the rest of our group and make our way out to try and find our bus. We find it exactly where we got off. Nice! we board and sit in traffic again but this time we are all excited and share stories of the match and photos we have taken.
It's a long bus ride home and we return to the city hall around 2am where only one of our two cabs is there it's cold and we are all starving so after waiting 30 min we decide to cram all 7 of us into 1 cab and hit the McD's drive through! It was a tight fit but we made it home after a unique drive through experience and are all head to bed happy.

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